If you are looking at this page, I would guess that you are having a hard time at the moment and are looking for some support. You’ve come to the right place.

  • Are you someone who identifies as LGBT+, but the people around you just don’t get it?
  • Have your family, your friends or your wider community rejected you because of who you are?
  • Maybe you are not sure about your sexuality or gender identity and need someone to talk it through with?
  • Are you a Trans person going through transition, but you don’t have much support around you?
  • Do you feel alone, misunderstood, confused and just fed up with it all?

If that is you then I get it. For us LGBT folks it can be so hard to find a space where we feel supported, accepted and understood. I’m here to listen, to share your struggles and help you find a way to move on from what might have happened before. Together we will figure out the solutions you need to find and along the way I hope you will learn to understand yourself better, be kinder to yourself, learn what’s good for you and how to get it and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Who Am I?

I’m Natalee and since my early teens I have wanted to help people. I identify as LGBT+. It took me until my 20’s to clearly understand where I stood on that spectrum so I get what it is like to wrestle with your identity and to worry about how others will react when you come out.

I worked in several different helping roles until I discovered counselling and I haven’t looked back. If you think we might work well together then drop me a message and let me know.

If you feel ready to start looking at things more deeply and make the changes you need, then please get in touch. I look forward to working with you