How I Can Help

Are you struggling with something? Here you can find some of the issues that I can help you with

Depression and Anxiety

Does life feel too much sometimes? Maybe you’ve had some bad news recently that’s left you feeling low. Maybe something awful happened. Perhaps you’re having problems at work or with your family and friends. Maybe it’s none of these things, but for some reason you’ve lost your spark. Come talk to me, we can work it out.


Are you drinking that little bit too much, just a little too often? Have you started to use drugs to cope with something? Maybe it’s not that, it could be that you’re using food or gambling or sex in a way that just doesn’t feel right anymore. However long it’s been going on for, it doesn’t have to be forever, there is hope.


Are you a member of the LGBT community and finding life hard because of the people around you? Are you struggling to understand your own sexuality or gender identity? Are you going through the process of transition and need someone to talk to? You are safe here, you are among friends.


Have you been through a difficult break-up? Are you finding it hard to move on from someone? Are you trying really hard to make a relationship work and need a listening ear? Our one-to-one therapy sessions might be the place where you can figure some of these things out.


Have you lost someone important? Whoever they are, however recent or long ago you lost them, sometimes it can be hard to accept. Having someone who understands to talk to about it can really help.

Not sure whether to opt for sessions online or over the telephone? See what other people have said about the differences here

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