*FREE* 30 Minute Chat!

Deciding to try out therapy can feel like a big step and choosing which therapist to see can be difficult to say the least. In order to help you to make that decision I offer a free 30 minute zoom or telephone call, where you can ask all the questions you have, let me know what your needs are and figure out whether you would like to take up counselling sessions with me. There is no pressure to make a decision on the day, many people find it helpful to speak to a handful of counsellors before making that choice.

Assessment and Therapy Sessions

Your assessment and following therapy sessions will last for 50 minutes each and be charged at £50 each. As we will be working over the telephone or online via zoom I will send you the information you will need to pay via bank transfer.

Counselling Students

I do offer a discount for counselling students needing 10 or more therapy sessions in order to complete their qualification. Please get in touch to find out more

Feeling ready for your first session?

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