Telephone or Zoom?

Trying to decide between telephone and zoom counselling sessions? Here’s what some people say about these ways of working, hopefully this will help you to make your choice.
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Zoom Counselling

We can see each other. Some people prefer to be able to see their counsellor and their reactions. It helps them to feel heard.

However, it is difficult to maintain eye contact using screens and cameras.

We can see a little piece of each other’s world in the background.

You can access counselling anywhere where you have internet access. At home, or somewhere else that feels safe.

You are never going to bump into another client in the waiting room or on your way out.

Zoom state that they do not record calls on their platform and offer one of the most secure ways to connect with others remotely. Also my security settings mean that no-one will be able to enter our zoom meeting room or record anything.

If you would like to take up zoom sessions, but haven’t downloaded the app yet, here is a link to their downloads page. By the way, the free version is perfect for our needs.

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Telephone counselling

We can’t see each other, that anonymity is comforting to some people.

Some people find it easier to share things with someone when they can’t see their reactions.

You can literally have therapy sessions wearing your pyjamas if that feels right. Though in my counselling sessions, I encourage you to come as you are whether I can see you or not.

You can access counselling anywhere where you have phone reception. Anywhere where you feel safe to open up.

You will never see another client in the waiting room or on your way out.

You can have your own “therapy kit” with you and easily to hand. Whether that is your favourite drink, pen and paper, tissues, music in the background and anything you find comforting.

Feeling ready to make your decision? Drop me a line through the Contact page and we can get started

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