Telephone or Zoom

It is import to me that you are comfortable during our counselling sessions, if you have never had a therapy session before you might not have had to consider how you would like to access your therapy.

Below I have provided a brief overview of the challenges and benefits for both Telephone or Zoom counselling, to aid in your decision for which is better suited to your needs.

Zoom Counselling
  • With Zoom counselling you can see me and my reactions during our counselling sessions. You may find this beneficial as it can help to see that you are being acknowledged. It also allows me to demonstrate that I have understood you correctly.
  • You can access counselling anywhere where you have internet access and feel safe to do so.
  • Zoom state that they do not record calls on their platform and offer one of the most secure ways to connect with others remotely. Also my security settings mean that no-one will be able to enter our zoom meeting room or record anything.
  • Zoom counselling requires an app and internet connection. The free version is perfect for our needs. You can find it here:
Telephone Counselling
  • You might opt for telephone counselling with me if you find that additional anonymity helps you to feel more at ease whilst sharing things that you might find difficult to talk about.
  • Because we wont be able to see each other, this also means that I can’t observe your body language. This may mean you will have to verbalize your feelings more since I can only take cues from your tone of voice.
  • Telephone counselling doesn’t require internet access and is quicker to access as there are no required apps to download and install; prior to your counselling session.
  • You can access counselling anywhere where you have phone reception and feel safe to talk openly.

The benefits to both ways,
and why I offer these options:

Convenience – There are many reasons why people put off therapy. One of the biggest reasons is often distance. Maybe you live in a remote area where you can’t find that many mental health professionals within a reasonable distance, and/or your work schedule doesn’t allow for long commutes once or twice every week. With telephone or Zoom counselling, you have more options because you’re no longer limited by availability in your local area. You can attend the sessions from the comfort of your own home and you also save time because you don’t have to commute to my counsellor’s office.

Accessibility – People with disabilities might find it particularly difficult to go to a counsellors office even if they have a wide range of options in their area because they have to rely on others to take them there. Here, we should also mention that Telephone or Zoom counselling can be a great choice for people with social anxiety and/or agoraphobia who are more likely to avoid going to therapy because of their symptoms.

Comfort – You can have your own “therapy kit” with you and easily to hand. Some examples could be: your favourite drink, pen and paper, tissues, or anything else you find useful or comforting. Also, you are never going to bump into another client in the waiting room or on your way out.

Something to bare in mind:

If you go to a counsellor’s office for face-to-face sessions, they’re the ones that ensure privacy. Whilst I will being doing everything within my power to keep your information private and secure at my end of our connection.

It will be your responsibility during a Telephone or Zoom counselling session, to find a time and place where you can speak freely. This can sometimes be difficult if you live with other people. Please make sure for your own security and safety that you are not being overheard by anyone during your therapy.

Feeling ready to book a session?
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